Sunday, October 30, 2011

SISTA...A, adison homecoming

It's official.

Sister Adison is no longer a SISTER. Kiss her goodbye missionaries! NO MORE DRAMA, ELDERS, & WHITE HANDBOOK!
Hello to family, pants and REAL BOYS! So happy to be home, but it's bittersweet. Couldn't imagine what would happen when I did finish. I miss it so much. It's true you feel lost. Even Sister Adison, the worldliest sister missionary is saddened by her new life. I'm just another RM. The last couple of days of withdrawals.
I miss my other sisters...kemp & iosua and the only thing that could make this more special is for them to be here with me.

Loved my Halloween themed airport scene I seriously was like, "Who's family is that?" & it turned out it was mine. Incredible Heavenly Father blessed me to share the gospel with a girl on the plane. Her name was Molle. She was sweet. I felt prompted to share my missionary non-"romance" story. My bad romance; then she opened up. I shared the experiences of what I went through for the past couple of months of tree-lover days & now wondering what to do next. She was so interested and then I taught different parts of the lessons. She is totally wanting to meet ElderHatch& his comp in Pierre. So it was good, a good like member present lesson since everyone was like a member or an elder sitting by us. It was awesome ending with being a facebook friend with her. LOVE THE WORK! God works in awesome ways. The hardest part was leaving the plane and saying goodbye to her, but also saying goodbye to the tag. I will never ever regret anything that I did. I wouldn't change a thing. i am grateful for feeling that way. I love you all. peace out. XOXO-Shannon