Monday, November 30, 2009

aLL the right friends & a bAd RoMaNce

The SPOOKY weekends begins....
all the RIGHT MOVES in ALL the right places.

Provo is full of masks & costumes. My bestie Rosy celebrated the big 30! & all her friends surprised her with a PHaNTOM of The OPeRa dance party. Special thanks to Jon, Brenna, & Wendy. So hard to keep the secret, but we LOVE LOVE her!

Circus Ring-master & the fame monster: LaDY GaGA...
I wanted to be someone that I couldn't be after I serve my mission & the most outragous person I'd want to dress up as would be Miss Poker Face herself.
"there are 2 types of guys out there; the ones that can hang with me & the ones that are scared." I saw ESC boy & baseball boy...then I realized they will always be SCARED boys; it's not just during HALLOWEEN!
LUCKILY, I have all the right friends in all the right places.
SCARY STORIES PARTY-It wasn't what I had in mind for that night, but I was there for my friends. I was HORRIFIED not because of the stories, but I was mistaken for MADONNA! I'm LADY GAGA! Do you live under a rock?

The after-party, I took care of the Kittens & we took pictures & watched Enchanted.

"I'll follow you around until you love me....papa...paparrazi."
"& we lived happily ever after."