Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let's make a toast...

29 reasons why I am making a toast to Bre on our birthday!

1. She's my best friend, worst enemy and older sister...all wrapped up in one.

2. She's gives me the better gift on our birthday.

3. She sometimes resembles Dora the explorer & a life-size barbie doll.

4. She's my personal stylist Rachael Zoe & has the crazy hair to prove it.

5. She makes me smarter by forcing me to play scabble & to watch jeopardy.

6. She loves drama...shows like Gossip Girls, The Hills, & Sex and the City & has more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw, more handbags than Lauren Conrad, and is the Queen Bee Blair Waldorf.

7. She is still in love with Chipper Jones & has been faithful to that obsessive love for 10 years!

8. She cleans a lot, especially after my messes.

9. She loves tanning & will climb on top of our roof just to catch some rays.

10. She puts up with & allows my best friend Seth to worship her.

11. She's so funny, just read her blog...& she's the only one who thinks I'm funny.

12. She's a graduated cougar, both educational wise & in dating.

13. She can pass as a New Yorker, a So Cal girl & a Flo Rida.

14. Like our mom has different laughs; she has different screeches.

15. She will forever use the words, "FREAKER & Ho-bag!"

16. She's the only one who I will listen to & actually do everything & anything she says.

17. She has the best Halloween costumes, like a crayon, pumpkin, and a christmas present (she's won numerous costume contests)

18. She got me addicted to Betsey, Juicy & Rock and Republics!

19. She is solely responsible for the well-dressed Adison family.

20. She lets me be her shadow & clone.

21. She can quote the following movies: Ladybugs, Mean Girls, Legally Blond, Clueless & THE OTHER SISTER.

22. She still paints her nails crazy colors despite CRAZY ladies sending her to get a nice manicure.

23. (Accessories Queen) SHE wears so MANY accessories, never leaving the house without a headband, necklace, belt & matching bag.

24. Speaking of bags, she's a bag lady...her bags are like Mary Poppins' bags, you can find anything you need in there.

25. She's also a J.Lo wedding planner & can plan a wedding with a two weeks notice.

26. She is secretly in love with the Clean Flicks guy, that's why we giggle every time we see him.

27. She is the most creative person I know, from scrapbooking to sewing...she'll just, "MAKE IT WORK!"

28. She encourages me to lose my VL & make-out & go on a mission at the same time!

29. She so graciously shares our AUGUST 28th birthday...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Page, not Paige, Arizona...


My last roadtrip of the summer, a quickie trip made for a quickie engagement. As the assistant to the wedding planner (my sister), I found myself declining baseball boy's invite to Zions & on the way to Page for Dezi's reception.

Without air conditioning & stopping for food, the only stop we made was at a vintage/junk store.

Arriving in Page we started searching for a Navajo Times (proof to our mother that we were on the Rez). We found a trading post where SURPRISINGLY they didn't stock them, but we did find one at a gas station.
Lunch with Dezi's family was fun. Then the newlyweds arrived & our work began. Cutting, folding, unraveling huge paper flowers...then I washed grapes & blueberries until my hands resembled raisons.

I couldn't help, but to think about all that I was missing on that Zion's trip. I wanted to go & planned on it way before baseball boy walked me home after our last game of tennis & asked me to go. As much as I didn't want it to my thoughts were there with him even when I was suppose to be getting over him. My only relief was something completely unexpected...

I was done helping so I took a quick nap. I woke up to some gun shots outside (Dezi's brothers were shooting some targets). I laid there for a minute. As I got up I was suprised, to see Dezi's brother in the process of getting ready for work...shirtless. Taken completely off guard, I didn't know what to do & feeling like an idiot & said, "Hey-ay." At that moment, I forgot about baseball boy & everything dealing with the baseball boy. I sat & chatted with this attractive shirtless native boy. As short lived as it was; I was was the 1st time ever considered a Navajo boy. There's still hope for me! (FYI: Halves are always cute).

Bre & I were only in Page for a day, but it completely rocked my world.
"I took a chance. I took a shot. You might think I'm bullet proof, but I'm not"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Summer Roadtrip # 2 (JUNE)


DRIVING 10 hours to celebrate the end of Justina's single life...sorry boys!

BRIDAL PARTY THEME SONG, "DON'T TRUST ME!" (don't trust the ho/don't trust me")
Dressing up, (LA HOIA) Sushi, Yogurt, Sleepover, & Confessions of a Shopaholic


Attempt to get over baseball boy. (month after getting my heart broken)

Roadtrip theme song: "Goodbye, got my haircut cuz it reminded me of you, I know you like the long do, had to switch my attitude."

After dying my hair back to black, baseball boy LOVED my long black hair!

The BEACH with Brenna & her HOT older brother!

LOVED singing along to Lil' Wanye songs.


I touched various endangered animals & predators! LOVED the fireworks!

I even risked my life by riding the water-rollar coster (3x)!

& flirted with the ride worker just to ride it 3 consecutive times.

& ending up looking like this....

I HEART BIFF! He was the funny performer doing the Single Ladies dance & jamming to N'sync!

MRS. Amerson!

We hit our 1st traffic jam on the way to the temple to see Justina & her HUSBAND to walk out of the temple married for forever!

The prettiest temple I've ever seen in my life! The real-life castle I dream to get married in.

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN...we ate at the resturant Rosy & Brenna worked together, thus I became Rosy's room-mate then met Brenna.


Hands down, it was the nicest place I have ever been to. San Bernadino Country Club. Valet parking & everything...truffles anyone?



ONLY DOWNER: I wasn't a bridesmaid!
Always a bridesmaid, NEVER a bride...ok, I wasn't even a bridesmaid, but I did travel the longest & furthest of her friends!

"Lucky, I'm in love with my best friend."

THE DANCE after....Justina's dance was fun, but Brenna's stake dance was freaking awesome! Brenna & I crashed an 80's theme Stake dance later that night! & I found the cutest boys to dance with.


I loved walking around Balboa Park. The museums, street performers & the FLOWERS!
I loved how we'd over-hear random people loving my outfit.

NAVAL BASE: Embarassing moment, everywhere I go I always do something funny & strangers laugh at me.

We found our MEN!

I LOVE BASEBALL, but not BASEBALL BOYS....anymore.

MY FAVORITE PART! Brenna's little brother's band.

I loved their music & the show!

BUT...I mostly LOVED...


THE ONLY BOY I'd go to jail for! HAHAH...okay, I was mortified finding out he's 17 & in H.S.

Kind of dissed him when getting a picture with the band, he was about to put his arm around me, but I moved over.
We had our moments of staring at each other...

1st time I have considered myself a COUGAR!


Driving around & checking out hot spots like where the Dashboard Confessional music video for, "Stolen" was filmed.


Being from UT...people would ALWAYS bring up MORMONS. BUT at this party, they were the nicest (& drunkest) people about it. & apoligized over & over for swearing & drinking. I spent 20 minutes talking to a drunk guy having the same conversation over & over. It was funny!


The last thing I wanted to see was the temple at night. It was worth everything just to see this.


6 days of CALIFORNIA we returned from Brenna's hometown to my home state.
LOVES: Justina, Brenna, SD Temple, In-N-Out, Jail-bait guitar player, beach, dancing, Juicy charm, Betsey Johnson, 50 flirting techniques, Sea World fireworks, Balboa Park, downtown SD, Padre field, Naval base & cruising SD.
RANDOMNESS: Border patrol flirting with Brenna, HAIRCUT, while driving through UT.Guys holding up a sign, "Show us your boobs!" BYOB party, Mor-nija (what I was called bc I'm mormon)&(religious persecution), Justina's mom & purple nail-polish comment, NOT being a bridesmaid, Naked kid on the beach & the semi-scandelous institute dance.