Sunday, December 4, 2011



IS HOME finally!!! 6 LONG weeks of no phone calls was barely bearable. I don't know how I survived without my SOUTH DAKOTA MISSION MOMMY. Flashbacks to: Nights of balling my eyes out over a UPM boy & burning letters together. Luckily we didn't burn down our apt. just burned bridges. There was nothing we couldn't do. We had our first 2 baptisms in Casper & we both found our first DL crushes in Casper. In more ways than one; she has proven herself worthy to be called my sister & friend. We hit it off the first night I arrived. Totally unaware of my mission experience we had so much more in common than our 4 months of service & love for hello kitty. We both LOVED LOVED Dr. Pepper & bonded drinking caffeine. (something you can't do in the UPM). I knew this mission was right for me at that moment. A CHOKE-A-HOE sister forever. ON December 8, 2011; I arrived at SLC airport to meet my friend flying home to California to become Whit again. The only thing I wanted for Christmas was to see her. I frantically arrived late & ran in & ran into Sister Monson. Hugged her & breathless asked, "where's iosua?" Ran up the stairs to meet the Iosua clan. As much as I loved Sister Iosua, her family was as lovable and funny as she was. I loved just waiting. Her family with signs & tracking her down through the airport security. It made me smile knowing they were looking forward to see her as much as I had.

After waiting 30 minutes. She finally arrived! It didn't seem like it had been months since I've seen her. Last June & finally in December- the dynamic duo is back...ADISON & IOSUA!

LAST SIGHTING...ugly Gillette.

So much fun being apostate together! She understands me and my love for MUSIC.
Illegal music on the mission phone recorded. Your love IS my drug.

The sisterhood of the traveling sisters. From Casper to Montana. WE ruled the mission. The awesomely HOT brown sisters.

I love her so much that I don't even care that she hates CATS! Because I hate dogs, specially puppy dog blue eyes.

My biggest fan & support. Her love for natives only grew as we served 3 transfers together.

Without a doubt, I know God blessed me to have her in my life. She made my SDRC mission. I needed to have her there through the tough times. We shared laughs & we did the work we were called to do. It's an eternal friendship that I will cherish. She is worth all the drama of elders & trials of the UPM. I love love her! She is my CHOKE-A-HOE sister. The only thing that would make her home for when our other SISTER. A certain Kemp is missing from our lives. We will be waiting...APRIL 12, 2011. coming soon.

Sunday, November 27, 2011



NOV. 27...& OCT. 27...YOUTH FIRESIDE...
I had only an hour to talk about my incredible missions. Of course it went over time with all the questions. I loved it, but something rings true to what I said. No one will ever think your mission is as cool as you think it is. My glory days of the Lord's guidance and work and all we are are instruments. Our purpose is greater than ourselves. I made this poster and brought my planners for visual aids, but of course my Book of Mormon attracted the most attention. Yeah, I read it a lot, can't you tell by my humility? Nothing in my life will ever be as great as my mission. Why didn't I know that on my mission?

It's beggining to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Ho Ho Ho....

TEMPLE SQUARE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS...and a referral for the Temple Square Missionaries.

On Saturday night; The Adisons and Heatons went to Temple Square. So beautiful and cold. I love the lights. To me, it always feels magical. Me & my sister Bre had a game to whomever was to see the first person we knew; the other would owe them some candy. I saw Matt; a guy from Provo (mtc teacher) that I was kind of interested in. He was there with his family. I was so nervous that I couldn't say hi. So no candy for me. "I'm crazy for you I'm missing you like CANDY!"


I overheard a guy talking about baptisms and was confused about baptisms for the dead. He wasn't a member since he was obvisously confused about temples. So I went and found the sister missionaries (that were just standing in a circle chilling) and told them to talk to that man. I was like I'm a returned missionary and that guy isn't a member and is asking questions about the temple. He's on the couch; go and talk to him. So I was like thinking, STOP GOSSIPING AND GO AND TEACH. Which it took them a minute, but I came back around and they were talking with him. Still attempting to do my job. I love the work. Not afriad to do it, but WAY terrified of a RM. I can't even say hi to him & the day before Matt and I became facebook friends. RM's have the light, but fear darkens the night.

Friday, November 25, 2011


PRICE...2pm, Nov. 25; BLACK FRIDAY

Breaking dawn sleeping, not shopping.

As I watched her life end; it made me think of the beginning. Like with Bella growing up because of love, but doing it in a painful way and finally coming to the end of Bella Swan-human and living forever as a vampire with her vampire husband. It's no wonder I don't agree with the last book and how it ends. You should live for love not die for it.


I did it. i finally gave in and saw it. It only took a week. I went with my little bro. Wade. The desire to see it wasn't so strong. I don't know I guess to see the beginning of the end of Bella's youth & the coming to terms of sacrifice of life for the one you love leaving behind all logic to become an adult & married. Certainly, didn't interest me. I knew I would comtemplate my own life and as annoying as Bella was; she had the guts to throw her life away for love. I did like the fact that she wasn't that much in it talking, but looking like a dead alien as she was preganant through the whole movie. I loved loved the soundtrack. There are so kick-ace songs as well as beautiful slow songs. I also HATED her wedding dress. Not cute at all. The only outfit that I LOVED LOVED was Edward's honeymoon outfit while they were playing chess. Way hot! Cute striped shirt and playing chess. Finally, showing me why Edward is way better than Jacob, who was shirtless once in the whole movie at the VERY beginning. That's dazzling!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


If my life had a soundtrack; according to my closest sisters these are the LOVE songs that when they hear-they think of me & my LOVE life.

SELENA GOMEZ: A YEAR WITHOUT RAIN....Hetling's song to describe me (referring to tree lover). "Can you feel me when I think about you? With every breath I take, every minute, no matter what I do. My world is an empty place. Like I've been wondering the desert for a thousand days, Don't know if it's a mirage but I always see your face. I'm missing you so much. Can't help it, I'm in love. a day without you is like a year without rain. i need you by my side. Don't know how I'll survive a day without you is like a year without rain."

ADELE: SOMEONE LIKE sisters Bre & Desi's song to describe me (referring to Will.I.AM). "I heard you're settled down that you found a girl and you're married now. I heard that your dreams came true. Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you. Old friend, why are you so shy? Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light. I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited, but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it. I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded that for me it isn't over. Never mind, I'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you, too. Don't forget me, I begged. I remember you said, Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead. You know how the time flies only yesterday was the time of our lives we were born and raised in a summer haze bound by the surprise of our glory days. Nothing compares, no worries or cares. Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made. Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste? "

BLINK 182: UP ALL bff Abbie's song to describe me & my mission loves. "In the night friendships form. In the day only some do last. Are we here tonight to save grace or are we here to forget the past. Remember the friends who did anything to stay, remember the ones who made you pay. Remember that I am here for you. Remember that these words are true. the love is coming back."

Honorable mentions I LOVE LOVE these songs: We found love, by Rihanna. Ours, by Taylor Swift. Best love song, by Chris Brown.

*This post was inspired by my bff Iosua & her email to look up MARIAH CAREY: UP OUT OF MY FACE...

My self-described song of the end of 2011* Hit the lights-Selena Gomez: LISTEN!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


11-18-11: The NEWEST Adison...Amanda Slade Adison.

My big bro Kurt got married in the Logan, UT. temple on Saturday. They were so happy & it was the first temple wedding I had ever been to. Honored to have been the 1st to know they were engaged and my return from my mission was a factor in their wedding date. I was there to see them sealed for all eternity.

It was FREEZING, it snowed the night before. This picture of us was a quick one where all of us took off our jackets to get one of our coordinating outfits. Her colors were apple green, purple(grape), and teal. Also, it was my first public outfit wearing a normal Adison dress. My sisters picked it out and bought it for me. I was afraid it was too tight and too short, but I wore it anyways. LOVE the black lace...(sis.layton told me that lace reminds elders of underwear (lingerie).


Thanks to me he got married. I was told that if I served my siblings would be blessed with marriage. He thanks me all the time. I heart my big bro.

THE FASHIONABLE ADISON WOMEN; Amanda has a lot to live up to, but I have faith she can. EVEN our jackets are matching her colors. I loved the wedding. I felt the love. I love LOVE. Maybe marriage isn't so bad...


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"I am not afriad to keep on living I am not afriad to walk this world alone, honey if you stay I'll be forgiving, nothing you can say can stop me from going home." My thoughts of love as I left SDRC mission.

The 2 remaining single Adison sisters...conquering labels & love. After watching Sex & the City with my BFF BRE. I realized this is what most girls are fighting for. Just like them, we want a REAL relationship not a knock off like a fake PRADA bag. I'd rather have the REAL DEAL & spend more MONEY & more TIME on the real things in life. I realized then that I needed to focus on me & what I want & deserve. The last 18months of my life has been about everyone else, but me. Now I am refocusing on my own happily ever after. Learning that as long as I stay REAL with myself being alone is better than having a FAKE relationship that comes CHEAP. Real LOVE has a cost. Now I just have to be willing to pay the price!


Love me dead. LOVE HER HETLING;

After 3 weeks of not speaking FINALLY she calls me & now has a facebook! She's awesome! My best work the end she was the one getting all the 2nd glances & guys hitting on her. Who knew how much a straightner, makeup, & color to her wardrobe would change everything. She's beautiful inside & out. I was lucky enough to be able to be called her friend. The day before I was talking about her to my mom about how she'd cook then do the dishes...then my mom was like, "No wonder why you haven't heard from her; she probably hates you." (thanks mom) Then Hetling called me the next day. SHE HEARTS ME! SO we chatted for 2 & half hours! It felt like old times. Which in a way is sad & pathetic for me that I still have the same problems as Shannon & Sister Adison. Which we couldn't really bring ourselves to call each other Shannon & Tegan. Not yet. I love her & am so glad that we didn't end up only "mission friends." Known to always have my back & to crave cookies DAILY. I can only say that God must love me to send her to me for 10 months. She was the hardest greatest thing on my mission. She was there during the whole tree lover drama & her insights & love were there when the sparks started with the raspberry cheesecake to the tragic end with the lies he told to cover his tracks when everything came crashing down. True to form, she is still there in the aftermath; supporting, warning, and reminding me what WILL happen if I play with fire AGAIN. We discussed everything like what Pres. & Sister Layton said to how I feel about it now, to the letter. & also the letter I wrote recently. She doesn't want me to send it, because she knows he WILL write back, even if it is to have the last word in the battle between us.



Cleaning out the skeletons in my closets. About 6 totes, 2 closets & 2 missions worth of boy DRAMA. Things that I found in there are so out-dated. I've grown out of loser boys & graphic tees. All things to do with my adolescence. I'm growing up. Things I used to love & hold on to...are now too SMALL & too YOUNG for me. Most days I feel so old & tired; maybe I'm growing into maturity. No longer a size XS, but being more curvaceous and now would rather be a woman than a girl. & now I'd rather have a man than a boy. So the PAINFUL process of going through my past is proving to be a LONG difficult task. After days of sorting I still have tons of baggage to get rid of. A new life-a new style. Time to toss out the past and look forward to the future. I can always buy new clothes to replace the old & boys are a dime a dozen. Hopefully, I won't have to suffer from buyer's remorse!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011



Hanging out with my awesome stylish cousin Laramie. He way out dressed me. We woke up early at like 7am...hahhah, and waited in line outside in the cold (even though it wasn't Wyoming cold). For the GRAND OPENING at noon. Brought an ipod and People Style magazine to keep me going. Some starbucks, free coffee & redbull, and some cinnamin rolls.

MY FUTURE HUSBAND: So of course I would be checking out way cute boys that CAN dress nice while in line, but the biggest shocker was a guy that came up to me. One I haven't seen in 18months. My old home teacher/elders quorom president and old CRUSH...Jonathan! So cute and so nice. He was so excited to see me. He's older than I am and still single and is moving back to Provo. He graduated from BYU already and he's an adult. Like seriously crazy to see him. If i was more adult and mature...maybe he'd like me. Actually probably not, he's so so so good. I wouldn't want to taint a good guy like him.

Anyway, I looked like junk...didn't brush my hair that day. I was on TV too. It was awesome. The news people were there & me and my cousin were one of the first 500 people and we got like a gift card to H&M for $25. LOVED IT. Got free H&M bag and notebook. Bought a heart shirt and a pink dress. Maybe someday I'll feel stylish and pretty again, but until then this is a WONDERFUL first step!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

don't let it go to your head


Don't let it go to your head. I love this song!! Story of my life.
Just picture my face on this girl.


I was WALKING in PROVO, when I heard my name, "SHANNON!" Being shouted and I turned & I saw SISTER SIMPSON! it was shocking. We had an hour conversation of the transition of being home & elder drama. I was mortified that we could relate on anything. & on my loneliest day ever. She was the one that comforted me. It was like 2 RMs frienemies now friends because we have no one else. So funny, I needed the mission office # & she had it and the Casper 5th #. Yeah, at least I'm not that pathetic! Or am I?

"Forgotten the taste and smell of the world she left behind"-Paramore
I never thought I would find myself relating to Sister Simpson.

The loneliness day of my life...was Tuesday. In which I arrived in Provo Monday night for FHE. & I couldn't believe I was there. BOYS were so lame and childish. Seriously? RMs...grow up. I thought that was what your mission was for. Of course the ONLY one that was okay was an MTC teacher and that GUY every girl in the ward is in love with, including my bestie Lauren. So it's, tree lover boy is looking better and better. I have no desire to date anyone else. What's wrong with me? Pretty sure...I'm no angel anymore. Still no patience. & pretty sure I got a different response about my elder woes...than sister simpson got with hers. I asked her about what happened at the final interview and with pres.and sis. Layton. Yeah, my words of advice was WAY different than simpson's. So I haven't told you the whole story about what was said concerning things...tree lover boy. IT was shocking to me. I'll do another blog post about it. Love you...more than other RM sisters. Miss you guys. I'm going crazy without you.

Sunday, November 6, 2011



"Who is the fairest of them all?"


I got the pleasure of taking my niece Ariel (the mermaid princess) around trunk or treating. In HONOR of my CHOKE-A-HOE sisters I decided to be HELLO KITTY. It was like Kemp and Iosua attitude and spirit were there celebrating this holiday with me. BEST part of Halloween-RANDOM foreign people wanting pictures with me at the Gateway Mall. So a German guy was like can I take your picture. Ummn..sure. I'm used to random weird people looking at me anyways....I did serve a mission. Then right after some ASIAN ladies came up to us and was like we want picture. So then they were like we want to have picture with you. So I was so tempted to do a peace sign...since I don't know why I think all Asians do that so I decided against it; then at the last second they both did peace signs. I LOVE IT! It was so awesome. Made the whole stressful Halloween worth it. After...I went to a YSA Halloween dance in SLC. Getting jiggy wit it and getting my groove back. To your shock; I'm so out of it. Couldn't talk to anyone and only HALF danced (which impressed people). BUT, I AM AN AWKWARD RETURNED SISTER MISSIONARY. Which is fine-next year in St. Geezy will make up for it. So my sister Bre was like, "He's cute go talk to him!" & I couldn't/didn't want to. SO LAME...SO THE ONLY guy I talked to was a guy DRESSED UP AS A ELDER....hahahh...twisted I know. It's like I MISS ELDERS...break through...when have I ever admitted that. BUT, i do. My elder friend loves, that hopefully are still friends even after they don't wear the tag anymore. So enjoy the awkwardness of the mission...since after it-you won't have any excuse to be weird like me. LOVE YOU...hope you had a spooky HALLOWEEN. The spookiest thing of all, being me.



Despite all odds; I finally gave my FINAL homecoming talk. It was overwhelming and easy at the same time. I didn't prepare. I pondered on some things that I felt I should say and then did it all by the spirit. It flowed and I didn't take more time than was given to me. Surprising that everyone wished I could have had more time. My theme I was reflecting on was about my personal mission and my SDRC mission and how the two correlate. Our mission is like our mission/earth life. We have loving parents whether Heavenly or mortal that wants us to return to them with honor. Sending us out into a world with as much preparation as we can have. Knowingly, that we can only acquire so little before the mission, but only through the actual experience of heartache and trial will we ever truly learn. That sometimes we forget our purpose in the mission field and in life. & coming back to the center of all missions is our Savior Jesus Christ. His atonement made it possible for our mission to succeed. I've learned that the atonement is real and it covers everything, every possible hurt, sickness and temptation. It has healed my wounded broken heart for me to even be able to function as a representative of Christ. It has given me the strength to tract, to love, to hope for a better world. Not just for me, but for others. We will never get to see the whole plan, but God gives us "letters" from home, meaning He sends us His love through different kinds of things. In my life on earth and TOTALLY on my mission; God has sent me so much love through my SISTER FRIENDS. Golden Girl SISTERS: Beck and Duncan traveled down to be at my homecoming. Though it's been over a year since our crazy roller coaster of a mission in Payson, a part of my heart will always be there. PREPARING me for even more love and heartache in my divine call to Rapid City, South Dakota. I love my missions. I think about it everyday. I realize that I am no longer SISTER ADISON, sister missionary and removing my tag was harder than I thought and imagine. Way harder than the 1st time. I just cried. i love this work. I loved my mission. I loved my friends, my sisters, my loves. I realized a part of me will always be with the people I love. I am with you. I love you, Kemp and Iousa, my sisters. Leaving was hard to do, not because of the "mantle" but because I was leaving you sisters to continue to fight the battle without me. I can't express my love and concern. I think of you always and sometimes think, "if i was still there I could call them." I've hated this past week of no connection with my missionaries. My sisters, my friends. I love you, please remember that. I was nothing more than Sister Adison, another ordinary sister missionary, but I am everything I am now because of your love & help. Miss you, LOVE LOVE, Shannon!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

SISTA...A, adison homecoming

It's official.

Sister Adison is no longer a SISTER. Kiss her goodbye missionaries! NO MORE DRAMA, ELDERS, & WHITE HANDBOOK!
Hello to family, pants and REAL BOYS! So happy to be home, but it's bittersweet. Couldn't imagine what would happen when I did finish. I miss it so much. It's true you feel lost. Even Sister Adison, the worldliest sister missionary is saddened by her new life. I'm just another RM. The last couple of days of withdrawals.
I miss my other sisters...kemp & iosua and the only thing that could make this more special is for them to be here with me.

Loved my Halloween themed airport scene I seriously was like, "Who's family is that?" & it turned out it was mine. Incredible Heavenly Father blessed me to share the gospel with a girl on the plane. Her name was Molle. She was sweet. I felt prompted to share my missionary non-"romance" story. My bad romance; then she opened up. I shared the experiences of what I went through for the past couple of months of tree-lover days & now wondering what to do next. She was so interested and then I taught different parts of the lessons. She is totally wanting to meet ElderHatch& his comp in Pierre. So it was good, a good like member present lesson since everyone was like a member or an elder sitting by us. It was awesome ending with being a facebook friend with her. LOVE THE WORK! God works in awesome ways. The hardest part was leaving the plane and saying goodbye to her, but also saying goodbye to the tag. I will never ever regret anything that I did. I wouldn't change a thing. i am grateful for feeling that way. I love you all. peace out. XOXO-Shannon