Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm going to BOISE, Idaho...

(Not on a mission) 1st road trip of the summer: BOISE, IDAHO.
My travel buddies: Scott, Scott's friend, & my bestie Brenna. Before you think we went for potatoes, our reason was the DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE concert.
I had never officially been to a concert (other than EC free country concerts & the state fair concerts) so I was so stoked to go to Death cab. A huge reason for going was to have one last adventure with Scott before he left for a REAL job in the REAL world of Kansas. As designated driver, Scott set up the whole thing, getting the tickets & finding us a place to stay since the concert was a Saturday night.
The weather was so ugly & rainy/cold...almost snowing, but as soon as we got to Idaho the sky cleared, it was still cold, but the sky was blue. We stopped at the most random hick-town gas station to eat called, "The Garden of Eden," Complete irony being the middle of no where at a gas station with folks talking about hunting and shooting things. After the 4 hour drive, we made it to BOISE, thanks to Scott's GPS. We even had time to spare to "change into our concert clothes." Brenna even pouffed up my hair!

We got there early, in search of the entrance with other fans. We got there & we ALL bought the same exact shirt. We were standing in line behind some cute Idaho-ian boys chatted about their LDS missions. Brenna & I stalked them for a while, but I was too chicken to converse with them. The CONCERT was AMAZING! They played all of my favorites & luckily Scott played ALL the Cd's on the ride there so I knew more than a few songs. There were solos & cute indie rock guys. The whole time we stood & I jammed out dancing.

BUT the greatest SURPRISE of the night was when they played, "The Sound of Settling!" An old song which depicts my recent dating life.

From Idaho, breezy sunny weather, we returned to UT the next day to a blizzard...

*Kudos to Brenna, she didn't know it was an over-nighter in Boise.


"I will follow you into the dark"
"Crooked teeth"
"I will possess your heart"
"When soul meets body"
"The Sound of Settling"
(New Moon soundtrack song, "Meet me on the Equinox."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Love means NOTHING...

Player: Adison

Stats Record: EHS JV team, (BYU RM dater)
Description: decent, but doesn't practice
Objective: To win
Summary: HATES losing, so she's still playing

My opponent: baseball boy

Stats Record: No STATS available (BYU/RM Rookie dater)
Description: good, but doesn't use a strategy.
Objective: To hit the ball back into my court.
Summary: Still playing cause I'm still playing

It didn't occur to me until we started playing tennis that our relationship was exactly like the match we were playing. Unpredictable & tiring.

I'll admit, I was on the EHS JV tennis team 6 yrs ago. I picked up my racket at another chance to prove myself & to work on my swing.

In the game of tennis, there are servers and recievers. It can last a long time depending on the players. Love, 15, 30, 40, game point. Zero is actually called love. For beginners, consistency & the more patient player tends to win.

In singles is played between 2 players with smaller boundaries than doubles.

ADISON vs. Baseball boy

To wake up at 5 then play tennis at 7:30 am; I must really I like him.

Game History: This game can only be described as a long & tiring, full of ups & downs. There's no telling when this game will end, but it's getting old. The relationship game started back in January when baseball boy brought himself into the game by asking me on a date. With months of him serving, he abuptly stopped when I didn't want to play. He started hitting aces at me, which hurt my ego. I started hitting back, then it was my turn to play alone. With the game going on for months, I seemed to be taking the lead, but both of us were stuck. DEUCE, (40-all) but to get out of it a player has to win the next 2 points. Things have taken a turn for the worse, injury, but baseball boy seems to be wounded too.

After a grueling hour & a half of playing a tennis game, I concluded that there's a reason why I stopped playing. It's painful. I got a call from him expecting a rematch, after being sore & hurt from the prior tennis match. I declined. I decided it wasn't worth the pain & humilation. I tried & now I'm tired & injured. I'm sure this game of hitting the ball into his court could continue for another set, but I'm done for now.

Like our relationship game, I'm through be played.


"All I ever wanted was a simple way to get over you."

Monday, July 6, 2009

LiFe iS beaUtiFuL...

After 21 years of wonderfully painful experiences I felt that I need to get a new hobby and document my life. This only happens after my 4 years of attending Brigham Young University. A whirlwind of struggles & realizing life passes in a blink of an eye. I've survived numerous broken hearts & a lot more heartbreaking then some people, but I am still hopeful for the future. As a BYU student, from being on warning, probation & suspended twice to academically dismissed for the next two years of my life I've since realized I haven't learned anything academically, but I've learned some tough life lessons. I've met so many different kinds of people; I was there to influence & to be influenced. I've been hated & loved. I've learned of God's infinite love for me as well as others. It's taken me years of counseling and tears to come to the happiness I've felt. I love my life, if life was easy it would be incredibly boring. I know things happen for a reason. For me, BYU was the biggest blessing and self-inflicted trial I have ever experienced. Normally, people come out with a MRS. degree, but I can't explain why I spent so many years at BYU without getting a degree or a husband.

(2 months later)....I now know why I am at this point. Why my time at BYU is over. I was meant to do something greater & harder, something that most people never get the chance to do. I am to do the Lord's work, to serve him for 18 months sacraficing the life that I love. To influence & to be influenced is my mission.

"Life is beautiful, but it's complicated. There are miracles. We let all these moments pass us by..."