Sunday, December 4, 2011



IS HOME finally!!! 6 LONG weeks of no phone calls was barely bearable. I don't know how I survived without my SOUTH DAKOTA MISSION MOMMY. Flashbacks to: Nights of balling my eyes out over a UPM boy & burning letters together. Luckily we didn't burn down our apt. just burned bridges. There was nothing we couldn't do. We had our first 2 baptisms in Casper & we both found our first DL crushes in Casper. In more ways than one; she has proven herself worthy to be called my sister & friend. We hit it off the first night I arrived. Totally unaware of my mission experience we had so much more in common than our 4 months of service & love for hello kitty. We both LOVED LOVED Dr. Pepper & bonded drinking caffeine. (something you can't do in the UPM). I knew this mission was right for me at that moment. A CHOKE-A-HOE sister forever. ON December 8, 2011; I arrived at SLC airport to meet my friend flying home to California to become Whit again. The only thing I wanted for Christmas was to see her. I frantically arrived late & ran in & ran into Sister Monson. Hugged her & breathless asked, "where's iosua?" Ran up the stairs to meet the Iosua clan. As much as I loved Sister Iosua, her family was as lovable and funny as she was. I loved just waiting. Her family with signs & tracking her down through the airport security. It made me smile knowing they were looking forward to see her as much as I had.

After waiting 30 minutes. She finally arrived! It didn't seem like it had been months since I've seen her. Last June & finally in December- the dynamic duo is back...ADISON & IOSUA!

LAST SIGHTING...ugly Gillette.

So much fun being apostate together! She understands me and my love for MUSIC.
Illegal music on the mission phone recorded. Your love IS my drug.

The sisterhood of the traveling sisters. From Casper to Montana. WE ruled the mission. The awesomely HOT brown sisters.

I love her so much that I don't even care that she hates CATS! Because I hate dogs, specially puppy dog blue eyes.

My biggest fan & support. Her love for natives only grew as we served 3 transfers together.

Without a doubt, I know God blessed me to have her in my life. She made my SDRC mission. I needed to have her there through the tough times. We shared laughs & we did the work we were called to do. It's an eternal friendship that I will cherish. She is worth all the drama of elders & trials of the UPM. I love love her! She is my CHOKE-A-HOE sister. The only thing that would make her home for when our other SISTER. A certain Kemp is missing from our lives. We will be waiting...APRIL 12, 2011. coming soon.