Monday, March 19, 2012


OUR MTC TEACHER-BRo. MeLLA. (so i was so tempted to put a shirtless mella as the picture, but you're a sister missionary!) I was looking at pictures and wondering how I didn't like him/secretly date him. He's cute, just wait until you come back then you can facebook stalk him. He's cute!

Friday, February 24, 2012


"We GOT A NUMBER!!!" (Night at the Roxbury)
Guess who's? So I got a number today...I was getting really tired of being alone and in a new school with no friends...and so today was my goal to get a number whether it was a boy or girl to hangout with. Abbie, my bestie made this goal for me.
...guess whose number I got....INSTITUTE BOY. Okay, so failed within the day. I didn't do it. I went to class. Didn't do it. I went to forum (devotional) and failed by not trying. Then i was going to leave, but I didn't. I considered. I went to the computer lab. Jamming to music & planning my CALIFORNIA trip as I see out of the corner of my eye; he walked in. It took me a second, but I was determined. I don't know what came over me; especially when I make up my mind. I took out my headphones and turned to him & said, "Hey, Steven." We started chatting across the room to each other. It was fearless. We both in that moment weren't our usual shy selves...then I was like. We should hang out! Okay, bad choice of words to hangout..but the fact that I did it was epic for me. Then he was like, "yeah, what's your number?" I wanted his. I got it...he got mine, but I should have just left it at that. i wanted his. anyway...we hung out Saturday. That wasn't planned, it was a nice surprise. After stake conference some girls were having a get together playing games. Normally, I wouldn't play games...since I hate games, but I was trying to make friends. So I was sitting there texting my sister I was getting ready to leave as he walked in.
Hmm...I guess I'll stay. So I did. I endured through more games. At first, he was in the kitchen, then after 15 mins. He came in and sat down by me and played. So it was nerve racking. I was just trying to keep my cool. At one point during the night, a loud girl sitting on the other side of him was like, "you two are so quiet, it's like the quiet corner. You both are shy."
BAMMMM! I rock. So how cool is he; he's like well, I have to watch the NBA slam dunk contest at a friends. Then he started talking about sports. Which we LOVE the Jazz. SO HOT! He blew me away with his knowledge of sports. I kept thinking where have you been all my life? Oh yeah, here in Price at this school. As much as I love BYU, Institute BOY wasn't there. Before he left I told me keep me updated with the contest. He texted me that night. LOVE IT! Then I find out that he went to a girls' choice dance with the girl playing cards with us. BUT he was sitting by me & they never even talked. After he left the gossip started. Seems to me that I have a better poker face than her!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (Official Lyric Video)

Jason Mraz song is one of the prettiest songs ever. I am putting this on because of the video. I LOVE LOVE LETTERS! This song is replacing my MTC mission song-goodbye my almost lover. I hope you love this song as much as I do. I honestly can say that this describes the rest of my mission. I won't give up on love or on people. I will always hope for the best in others. Even though things are a little bit discouraging now, I know someday it'll make sense. BEST lyric of the song is, "I'm looking up." I think of that conference talk about looking up inside of down.



*since a former ZL actually got married....?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

THE RM in the UPM...



President & Sister Pitts
Former Elder Anderson & Elder Jaffary & my trainer Heidi Beck.
Payson MISSIONARIES together again.


My spanish little brother.
My Elder Venegas from SDRC; but in the UPM it's Elder NUNEZ!

I love this kid! The first missionary to speak to me at the mission home April 2010. He started speaking spanish, cause he thought I was spanish. He is so sweet; he helped me with my luggage. Then we both got assigned to Payson, Utah. He was like the #1 supporter of me serving a real mission. He was so proud of his big sister! I hugged him. I figured I get one hug a mission.


Elder Nunez expressing loves by hugs to his sisters.

Elder Jaffray was going home a transfer early; surprised I got to see him & get one normal picture with him. He mellowed over a year.

I got to see a former Stake Pres. & members I lived with.

Met Sister Johnson FROM CASPER, WY.

Pres. & Sis. Pitts being proud I completed my mission!






& siNgLe




2 missions & 2 missionaries & 2 gifts.


Williams & Woffinden

Native sweater & stoner beanie

Both tacky gifts from tall blond blue eyed California boys that can play the guitar & can draw.

woff-"I'm from Northern California."
me-"I hate California. I hate California boys! Especially Southern California boys!
woff-"You can't hate all of California."
me-"but I do. The state of California. California boys."
woff-"You can't hate all of them. You can find d-bags everywhere. They're in Utah & in Southern California. You can find them anywhere."
woff-"You should try Northern California boys."
me-"Uhhh...didn't you say you were from Northern California?"

The best way for me to get over my past experiences of crashing and burning. Set fire to the RAIN. Burn the bridges as well as the reminders. This Valentines Day I wanted to get rid of all the Elder DRAMA memories & experiences I have suffered through for almost 2years. I wanted to have a clean break and not think about LOVE or heartbreak...heart BURN! Not to ever say that they didn't mean anything to me, on the contrary, the gifts meant everything to me...when it actually meant something to them. I don't feel the need to keep meaningless tokens of the past. Surprisingly both token went up in flames fast with the help of hairspray as me& my bff Abbie listened to WEEZER's -"SAY IT AIN'T SO. Your love is a heart-breaker. Say it ain't so. My love is a life-taker."

Fuel, fire, flames, finished.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BLOND ambition

Do BLONDS really have more fun?

You decide...

"I've had enough, this is my prayer. That I can live as free as my hair. I AM MY HAIR." Lady Gaga

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

cute without the e (cut from the team)

"I go back to December all the time."-Taylor Swift
The letter written December 27. The last time to my knowledge that everything was good between Woffinden & myself. He wrote me reassuring me that we were friends still & that we would be after the mission. It's technicially the 3rd letter I've recieved from him within that year. It felt we were on our way to mending our broken friendship. A week after he returned home I was blocked out of his facebook page. I couldn't believe that it was actually happening to me. He told me he would at least be facebook friends with me. I was always nervous about the aftermath of the mission, especially after the rollercoaster we had been on for the past year. Afriad that I would lose him as a friend. That he wouldn't be in my life. Everything did fall apart. Not on my merit, but he out of nowhere changed everything. This is far different from anything I had ever experienced before. Never before had anyone done anything like that to me. There was nothing I had done or could have done to him that would have validated him blocking me. 2 priesthood blessing later I can continue to move on; to mend. It hurts a lot. I know that the UPM boy & the mission was prepping me for this to happen. Unlike all the times before; I don't know if I'll ever be able to fix it. How can I fix something that I didn't break?

"I'd go back to December, turn around & change my own mind. I go back to December all the time."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

BOM name??

AUNT NANNON...again to another beautiful girl.

She was so tiny! I was the first to hold her...well after the grandparents. Then me. My sister Desi & her husband Tony were like...are you going to be the first to hold her? Go hold her before anyone else. I tried, but my mom is CRAZY about Alma. We love love ALMA, not just the book.

She came. The little angel from Heaven. ALMA WINTER. arrived on December 20, 2011. I waited until 3 AM for her to come. She is pretty. She's darker & has more hair than when my other niece Alexia was born. My duties of being an AUNT never ends....