Friday, February 24, 2012


"We GOT A NUMBER!!!" (Night at the Roxbury)
Guess who's? So I got a number today...I was getting really tired of being alone and in a new school with no friends...and so today was my goal to get a number whether it was a boy or girl to hangout with. Abbie, my bestie made this goal for me.
...guess whose number I got....INSTITUTE BOY. Okay, so failed within the day. I didn't do it. I went to class. Didn't do it. I went to forum (devotional) and failed by not trying. Then i was going to leave, but I didn't. I considered. I went to the computer lab. Jamming to music & planning my CALIFORNIA trip as I see out of the corner of my eye; he walked in. It took me a second, but I was determined. I don't know what came over me; especially when I make up my mind. I took out my headphones and turned to him & said, "Hey, Steven." We started chatting across the room to each other. It was fearless. We both in that moment weren't our usual shy selves...then I was like. We should hang out! Okay, bad choice of words to hangout..but the fact that I did it was epic for me. Then he was like, "yeah, what's your number?" I wanted his. I got it...he got mine, but I should have just left it at that. i wanted his. anyway...we hung out Saturday. That wasn't planned, it was a nice surprise. After stake conference some girls were having a get together playing games. Normally, I wouldn't play games...since I hate games, but I was trying to make friends. So I was sitting there texting my sister I was getting ready to leave as he walked in.
Hmm...I guess I'll stay. So I did. I endured through more games. At first, he was in the kitchen, then after 15 mins. He came in and sat down by me and played. So it was nerve racking. I was just trying to keep my cool. At one point during the night, a loud girl sitting on the other side of him was like, "you two are so quiet, it's like the quiet corner. You both are shy."
BAMMMM! I rock. So how cool is he; he's like well, I have to watch the NBA slam dunk contest at a friends. Then he started talking about sports. Which we LOVE the Jazz. SO HOT! He blew me away with his knowledge of sports. I kept thinking where have you been all my life? Oh yeah, here in Price at this school. As much as I love BYU, Institute BOY wasn't there. Before he left I told me keep me updated with the contest. He texted me that night. LOVE IT! Then I find out that he went to a girls' choice dance with the girl playing cards with us. BUT he was sitting by me & they never even talked. After he left the gossip started. Seems to me that I have a better poker face than her!

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